The Scottish Government has published a consultation on making changes to the landlord registration system. This includes considering changes in the following: An inflationary increase in the principal fee/property fee from £55/£11 to £70/£14;

  • Requiring landlords to confirm and/ or evidence that they are adhering to legislation including safety certificate,

EPC and legionnaires requirements in order to ensure landlords are aware of/adhering to their responsibilities;

  • An extra charge (approximately £2) on the principal fee to cover the cost of running the online registration system;
  • Removing the 10 per cent online application discount, the 100 per cent joint owner discount and the 50 per cent multiple area discount to better reflect the administrative costs in processing applications;
  • Charging a fee to those who need to update the register to because of a change in circumstances to cover the cost of processing these updates;
  • Offering discounts to landlords who have undergone training or are members of accreditation scheme in order to reward best practice.

The consultation deadline for responding is June 7, 2018. The Scottish Association of Landlords (SAL) will be submitting a response on behalf of members and is encouraging all members to submit their own responses.

SAL has already reported to the Scottish Government concerns about enforcement of the system and the reluctance of some local authorities to use the register to disseminate information to landlords.

Provided by Nicola at West Property.

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