I would like to advertise – How can I do this?

Currently we do not accept property adverts for the website alone. All property advertisements on this site are also listed in our Newspapers. The properties featured here are the current properties in The Oban Times Newspaper, The Argyllshire Advertiser, The Arran Banner and The Campbeltown Courier.

Why are only certain areas of Scotland Covered?

We have listed the main areas where the most properties on the West Coast of Scotland are located. Smaller villages are incorporated into the closest main area. For example properties in Connel will appear under the listings for North Argyll.

Can I be kept upto date with the latest properties ?

The easiest way to be kept up to date with the latest properties is through our RSS feed.
RSS is an abbreviation for Really Simple Syndication. (Really Simple Syndication) is a method of receiving constantly updated links to your chosen websites.
Once you have set up a connection to a website you will receive a list of all the stories currently shown on a certain page of that site.
From Wikipedia : RSS is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated digital content, such as blogs, news feeds or podcasts
In simple terms, you can have the latest properties from West Coast Property guide fed to your desktop as soon as they are published.

How long do the properties stay on the website for?

Properties will stay on the website for a minimum of 7 days, after which advertisers can request to have them extended for another 7 days.

I saw a property here a while ago but it has now gone, how can I get the details again?

You can contact us at any of our offices listed on the contact page, or by sending us an email.

I would like to add information to the area – can I do this?

We welcome additional information regarding any of the areas featured. Please give us a call or email us the details. Contact details can be found on the contact page.

I have some images from the area which you can use – can I send them to you?

Thank you for your interest, we can accept photographs for any of our areas, provided that you are the copyright owner to the image and that you are happy for us to display your image amongst the area information.

I would like to advertise on this website, who can I speak to?

Please call or email us – details on the contact page.