Well 2017 is drawing to a close and I hope you have all had a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas with friends and loved ones. This is also a time when many of us look ahead to the New Year.What will 2018 bring? A big move, buy your first home or purchase that holiday home you’ve always wanted? For these reasons New Year can be a busy time for us at West Property here’s a few reasons why…

Internet traffic hits its peak

Internet traffic is up on the winter nights as people spend more time inside their homes due to the dark, damp weather. With the majority of buyers beginning their search online. Statistics show that there is an overall 20% increase in people looking for their dream home between Christmas Eve and the New Year, with Boxing Day being the peak day reaching a 21% increase in visits to Rightmove. January is also a busy month! Rightmove had a record 21 million more visits to their website in January 2016 than the same period in 2015, reaching 127 million views overall.

New Year Fever

Many people make big life decisions at the start of a new year – finally deciding to buy a house, down-sizing, up-sizing, start a new job, deciding to buy that holiday home, moving granny/grandpa closer to other family members, change of area; all these decisions are common at the start of the year. What better time to have your property on the market and visible to these individuals?

Strengthen your buying position

Sell your property early in the year and you will be in an excellent position to negotiate the purchase of your next house in the spring.

We don’t close when it gets cold!

We close over Christmas but will be refreshed and ready to go on 4th January 2018, so we can hit the ground running, dealing with enquiries and booking appointments. If you are thinking of moving in the New Year, drop us and email or give us a call after 4th January. Let’s see if we can get you moving in 2018!

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